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Yoga vs Pilates vs Crossfit – which one should you do?

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Yoga vs Pilates vs CrossfitPersonal preference, and fitness goals, should determine whether you do low impact exercise routines, like Yoga, or Pilates, or high-intensity workouts, like Crossfit. Stick to one, or mix it up, with a little Yoga one day, when you want to feel centred and One with the Universe, and give your limbs a good stretch, or Pilates on another day, when you want to focus on tone and muscle strengthening.

fashion-shoesCrossfit training has gained popularity and had fitness enthusiasts seriously excited, worldwide. Interval training and weights, like Barbells and Kettlebells, make up a Crossfit workout, with the incorporation of skipping, running and gymnastics. You can increase muscle mass, and burn a greater amount of calories, while the body is at rest. It is a great activity for cardio vascular health and can really help you to burn calories fast.

Yoga is quite diverse in its types. If you like it hot, Bikram Yoga is the one for you. Poses or asanas are completed in 105 degrees of heat, with 40% humidity. This encourages flexibility, enabling stiff limbs to loosen up, making it perfect for novices. For more of a challenge, opt for intense Astanga Yoga. Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed for expectant mothers.

kim-kardashian_work-outPilates focuses on the core, glutes and appendages. It can help people suffering from back pain, and can also, like yoga, increase flexibility. Intensity levels for Pilates, is classified as being medium. Movements are precise and very controlled, and although you won’t lose lots of calories, while doing it, you will give your muscles a super tone workout. Jane Fonda was probably the first celebrity to release a workout video, in the 80s.

Fonda demanded we ‘Feel the Burn’, while running on the spot, performing crunches and doing squats. Since those days, a whole melange of celebrities have released DVD’s with their workouts, including Kim Kardashian, LaToya Jackson and Mel B. These are listed among the worst, while Kim’s younger sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Anne Hathaway, and Kate Beckinsale’s DVD’s get the thumbs up!