Top Brands That Have Shifted Their Focus From Products to Lifestyles

In today’s modern lifestyle where everything revolves around social media, Facebook and Twitter are some of the biggest names in the world. These companies have seen immense growth because they are able to connect us to each other and share information easily. As such, brands are now paying attention to these platforms too. As a result, marketers have started focusing on using influencers to create brand awareness. What does this mean? Here are some ways brands have shifted their focus from products to lifestyles.


A Change in The Operation Spectrum 

When it comes to marketing, there is an operation spectrum of activities that can be taken when promoting any product or service. On one end of the spectrum you have advertising; on the other end, you have PR. However, with the rise of the influence market, we now see more marketers shifting towards using influencers to promote themselves, as opposed to traditional methods like advertising.

Changing Market Strategies 

This shift has created a change in how people look at marketing strategies. Instead of operating solely within the spectrum of adverting, PR, or content marketing, brands now need to consider all three operations under one umbrella. The reason for this is simple: when consumers use different channels like social media, search engines, and review sites, the chances of them being influenced by brands increase. In fact, according to a report published by Forrester, nearly 50% of millennials say that they will not buy anything without first checking its star rating on Google. 

The Influence of Influencers 

As mentioned earlier, influencers have become the new standard when it comes to marketing. As much as 63% of all American adults trust online recommendations over word-of-mouth advice. Social media users also spend more time reading posts made by friends, family members, and celebrities than watching TV commercials.

So why is this happening? Because when someone sees something posted on Instagram, they’ll most likely click through because they’ve already heard about it before. Plus, many people are more likely to post stories or photos that relate to what they’re seeing. Thus, if a company wants to gain exposure, it should try posting comments about a specific product or post stories based on current events.

Top Brands Making The Shift

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, here are some of the top brands that are making the shift towards influencer marketing:

1. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market was the first major grocery chain to start leveraging social media influencers to market its products. They did this by creating partnerships with popular YouTubers who shared videos about healthy food options and recipes. This helped to spread positive messages about organic foods and encouraged customers to purchase those items. It was also used to make the brand seem more approachable to potential customers.

2. Nike

Nike is another brand that leveraged social media influencers to help promote their products. They partnered up with athletes like NBA player Damian Lillard and tennis players Serena Williams and Venus Williams. These individuals were then given free pairs of sneakers to wear during interviews and public appearances. Once the interview or event finished, the pairings were donated to organizations including the Boys & Girls Club and Goodwill.

3. Subway

Subway’s “Share Your Subscription” campaign was designed to encourage people to share their favorite subs with their friends. To do so, they offered subscribers discounts on their next order. Once enough people had signed up for the program, the restaurant sent out coupons via text message and email to celebrate the launch.

4. Walmart

Walmart uses influencer marketing to get feedback from customers. Through programs such as “Your Voice, Your Choice,” they ask customers to vote on which items they want to see placed on store shelves. The winners receive prizes and cash rewards while the losers don’t lose any money. Walmart says that these campaigns allow them to improve their inventory and create more targeted promotions.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks started using influencers back in 2014. Today, they offer an app where people can request custom drinks. They also have partners such as soccer player David Beckham and model Miranda Kerr. The goal is to inspire people to visit participating locations; since these companies pay influencers to be a part of their campaigns, they usually include incentives for them to promote the drink to others.

6. Target

Target is known for selling affordable goods to everyday Americans. But when you think about how retailers operate today, there’s a lot of room for improvement. That’s exactly what CEO Brian Cornell has been hoping to accomplish through his “One Kind” initiative. In 2018 alone, he plans to donate

7. Dell

Dell has been actively promoting their business through various forms of technology for years. From drones to laptops, the company sells a wide variety of computer-related products. Their recent project included encouraging kids to code through the #MakeCodeNotScratch campaign. By doing so, they hope to inspire children to become tech-savvy.



Running a successful business op takes real money and time. Matching products with consumer lifestyles will always provide good results – especially if you focus on gaining loyal followers. Influencer marketing helps brands reach new audiences and connect with people in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Whether it’s a celebrity endorsement, review, or tutorial, being able to leverage an individual’s audience is one way to build trust with consumers.