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Young Women and Cosmetic Surgery vs Natural High Fashion Looks

cosmetic-surgery_woman Cosmetic surgery used to be a thing that the rich and famous solely indulged in, but surgical beauty enhancements have become less bizarre and more acceptable and a part of every-day life for some. It may be surprising to discover that a large proportion of younger women are now receiving cosmetic surgery procedures.

Kylie Jenner got lip injections, at the tender age of 17, and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported, in 2014, rising numbers of females aged between 20 to 29, were going under the knife, for face shaping operations. Horror stories of women getting bodged butt implant operations in hotel rooms, dodgy liposuction operations, and the trout pout, and leaking breast implants, didn’t do the trick in scaring young women away from cosmetic surgery. In fact, the pursuit of OTT perfection has reached epidemic proportions. You can make big online roulette gambling here.

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So what is to blame for this upsurge in everything fake? Perhaps Photoshop images of celebrities and models has had an influence, causing younger women to sign up for Botox injections and fillers, in hoards. Wealth and status is another factor to consider. Plastic surgical procedures used to be something to keep secret, but younger women are loud and proud, when unashamedly discussing cosmetic procedures, as if it were a standard part of their beauty regime.

kylie-jennerFor those who like things a little more natural, take note, for 2016 hair and make-up trends, with London, Milan and New York fashion week runways leading the way. Luscious lashes are still in, and the more doll like you look, the more-high fashion you’ll be. Louis Vuitton emphasized this look, with a long, hippie chick hair, to frame the face, for free and easy summer style.

Shanghai Beauty SlotKenzo showed off the wet look style, with slicked back, wavy hair. Make up should be minimal with this look, although lipstick can be bold and glossy, to make a captivating statement. Headpieces are in too, especially when worn with middle partings, as Miu Miu illustrated, and darkly coloured, two tone lips add an edge, to complete the look. Play online rouletes for real money here.